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The illustration, in 3 steps, of the benefits on your data exchanges of one of our know-how, the Service Centers.

Step 2/3 – the benefits of a Service Center: SKILLS MANAGEMENT!

Your applications communicate with each other. At the scale of your company, these data exchanges are numerous, increasing and require an increasingly imposing organization.

Simplify your life, delegate their management to a service center.

Between the search for experienced employees and the frequent turnover of consultants, resource management is a real headache.
Ensuring continuity of knowledge and efficiency is difficult, not to mention having access to the right expertise at the right time.
The management of your applications therefore becomes time-consuming and energy-consuming.

At Intrabases, we have been managing service centers for over 10 years. Thanks to our experience, we have developed real skills, which are praised by our customers.
You benefit at all times from a team with the right skills that shares the knowledge of your application assets.
The maintenance of your applications is guaranteed in continuity, without organizational constraints.

Let’s optimize your organization together.

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