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Service Center: COSTS!

The illustration, in 3 steps, of the benefits on your data exchanges of one of our know-how, the Service Centers.

Step 3/3 – the benefits of a Service Center: COSTS!

Your applications communicate with each other. At the scale of your company, these data exchanges increase in complexity and become too expensive to manage.

Reduce your costs with a service center.

Between the cost of the teams (management, salaries, suppliers’ remuneration, contract management, …), the cost of the hardware (computers, software, IT capacity, …) and the cost of the premises (offices, working environment, …), your applications are costing you a lot.

As a specialist in data exchange and integration, and with more than 10 years of experience in the management of service centers, our offer includes all the services of maintenance in operational condition (MCO) and third party application maintenance (TMA) of your applications.
A fixed annual budget (which can be revised according to the dynamism of your projects) gives you total financial visibility.

Let’s optimize your budget together.

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