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Getting applications and systems to communicate

Synchronizing data to improve data circulation

You need to propagate data to benefit from real-time data on your business. Sharing data between your departments is essential to benefit from one common and complete vision of your business. You wish to improve your reactivity to requests and shorten your lead-times.

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We have been supporting our customers for 20 years now in the implementation of solutions that meet their needs but in quality and performance terms:

  • Synchronizing CRM and ERP systems for customer follow-up

  • Connecting RH and ERP software to support staff members

  • Providing information in real-time

  • Updating stock holdings with e-commerce orders
  • Optimizing MRP with sales forecasts

  • Interfacing the logistics system (WMS and TMS) with the ERP system

  • Ensuring convergence between IT systems used for management and industrial tasks

  • Improving production (PLMMES, …)