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You cannot find the right skills? You cannot find a reliable partner who lives up to your standards? You want to secure your risky projects? Your context calls for help from experienced consultants?
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IBS Framework
Setting a framework for your projects to ensure a secure and reassuring context for your data processing needs. Intrabases has designed a platform that structures and industrializes the work, from development to operations. You can harmonize and control implementations and you can secure maintenance aspects.
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Service Center
Optimizing the way your departments work by contracting out the management of your application base. Trust the iconoclastic offer from Intrabases to reduce operating costs, improve quality and retain long term knowledge of your applications.
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Our Job

A unique specialization in data exchange and integration

→ Orchestrating your data management
→  Managing your data flows

Illustration de l'intégration et l'échange de données


Using data to manage your business
Collecting internal and external data to steer your actions


Getting applications and systems to communicate
Synchronizing data to improve data circulation


Computerizing data processing
Saving time and securing data for increased efficiency


Improving your corporate organization and adding agility
Getting the tools to make your processes more reliable

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