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Intrabases is incorporated as a limited company (SARL) with capital of €60,000 registered with the Register of Commerce and Companies of Paris, France, under number 428 927 610, with its head offices at 36 Rue Laffitte 75009 Paris France (and hereinafter referred to as the “Vendor”), has designed, produced and operates the website that can be accessed at www.intrabases.fr (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”).


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Publication manager: Christian Raoul-Duval
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In line with articles 22, 23 and 24 of French law 78-17 of January 6, 1978, as modified by law 2009-526 of May 19, 2009, relative to IT systems, files and personal freedom, the processing, whether automated or not, of personal data contained in or destined to be placed in files that are implemented as part of the website have been declared to the French data protection body (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés or CNIL) under number 1427297.


In the context of this law, the vendor informs you that you have the right to access and rectify any data relating to you and that you can exercise this right at any time by sending a written request by email to the vendor. Any personal data that you communicate to the vendor and/or their partners shall remain confidential. They cannot be sent to third parties without your express permission or when their release is necessary to the identification, apprehension or pursuit of legal redress against any person who infringes on the rights of the vendor or anyone else. You remain in control of your personal data and you may at any time remove them from your profile by visiting your customer account. Note that a profile cannot be deleted, it can only be cleared of the data that it contains.

The data that you are asked to provide is exclusively destined for use by the vendor and/or their commercial partners and will be used so that you can activate you account and for statistical purposes. This data may, with your consent, be used to send the site newsletter or more widely be used for sales prospecting purposes by the vendor and/or their commercial partners. For commercial partners located in countries that do not offer adequate protection from a personal data protection point of view, these partners contractually commit to complying with European personal data protection principles. Please note that voluntarily signing up to our website represents consenting to being sent newsletters.

Further, the vendor informs you that they may use cookies (with this term designating a code that an HTTP or HTTPS website records, often temporarily on the web user’s hard disk to identify it for their service) so that you can be more speedily recognized when you connect to the website and so that your preferences can be displayed. The vendor informs you that you have the option of refusing this kind of exchange by changing your browser’s settings via the Internet. The Help section accessed from the toolbar in most browsers shows you how to reject cookies or ensure that a message is displayed showing when you have received on or even how to disable cookies. You can also choose to disable or delete similar data used by software that works an as accessory to your browser, such as Flash cookies, by changing the settings for this software or by following the disabling procedures detailed on the website belonging to the vendor of this software. However, because cookies allow you to benefit from some essential website functions, we advise you to allow them to remain enabled or you may well encounter problems when browsing our website.


Cookies are small files that are stored on the user’s hard disk drive when they connect to a website. They store parameters that are specific to the exchange of data with the vendor’s system via the web user’s browser. This storage is used to make the vendor’s website compliant with the web user’s needs and to simplify its use. For example, the web user’s connection parameters are recorded so that they are not repeatedly disconnected when they visit their customer account. When the web user closes their browser session (“end of session”), some cookies are automatically deleted from their hard disk drive (these are so-called “session cookies”). Other cookies (“long term cookies”) may be kept for a longer period of time (a few months to a few years) so that they can be activated every time the web user visits the vendor’s site. Hence, when the web user reconnects, they are automatically recognized and their usual parameters are enabled accordingly.

The web user may manually delete cookies from their browser at any time. Most browsers accept cookies by default. Web users may go to their browser’s security settings to permit or forbid the use of cookies for all or some of the websites that they visit. Accepting cookies is not a requirement for visiting the vendor’s website. If the web user does not accept cookies or if they disable them, they there may be cases where the vendor’s website is not available and some web pages may not be displayed correctly.


The data collected by the forms on this website are recorded in a file that is computerized by Intrabases for managing our prospects and our clientele. They are saved for five (5) years and they are destined for the marketing and sales departments based in the European Union.

In line with the French IT freedoms law (Loi Informatique et Libertés), you can exercise your right to access and rectify any data relating to you by contacting us.