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Data exchanges: managing your software and hardware investments


Optimizing the cost of the IT system is a constant worry
and tools seldom allow assessing the match between resources and requirements.

So how is it possible to find out whether the investment made are right sized and the resources deployed used to their full potential?

Is my software (ESB, API, BigData, ETL, …) used to the best extent? Did I buy too many licenses for the use that I have? Are my machines sized right for my true needs? …

Without this information, it is difficult to commit to and define solutions for optimizing, organizing production and to better use the capacity of the software and hardware available.

To rationalize the investment made, it is therefore essential to steer and trace actual needs to best manage the resources assigned to them.
This avoids a race to power that is very often unnecessary and always very costly.

And this is all the more true in a Cloud context where invoicing based on machine power and available storage space is very significantly impacted where the requirements defined initially are exceeded.

This accentuates the necessary need to manage this requirement/resources trade-off.

We clearly see that whatever the type of IT system, whether On Premises or In Cloud, it is necessary for enterprises to equip themselves with monitoring and traceability tools that allow an immediate analysis, as well as a medium and long term (decision making approach) analysis of their uses and requirements.

And this is the business that Intrabases is in.

Our framework brings traceability and the ability to manage programs the way they really work in their environments.

Our specialization brings us solid expertise in implementing technologies (installation, use and standards) to optimize their use and the means required to ensure their perfect operation and their maintenance.

And these are major advantages when it comes to best managing the costs of your applications.

The commitments made as part of our approach are as follows:

  • Usage traceability;
    • Improving the quality of developments
    • Optimizing development and maintenance lead-time and costs;
    • Improving the visibility and the resolution of incidents;
    • Improving production management;
    • Managing software and hardware investments.

Thanks to our over 20 year experience in data exchange and integration, we commit to working with you, side by side and with passion, to offer you relevant solutions.

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