a Magic Software group company


Optimizing the way your departments work by contracting out the management of your application base:
  • reducing operating costs
  • improving quality, and
  • retaining long term knowledge of your applications.

Making a parallel with one of our passions here at Intrabases, automobiles: in IT everything comes down to engineering, tools, expertise and

The standout nature of our offer comes from what Intrabases stands for: technical DNA, an experienced team and a work ethic.

We commit to what we know how to do.

We are honest in our proposals.

We work with our customers for the long haul.

All of the ingredients for winning together, whether in a race or with a project.  😉

What we offer:

A team

With 20 years of experience in data exchange, development and maintenance.
Expert consultants with on average 15 years of experience.


There are also tools, the ability to manage your product and our IBS framework that completes the product information so that you have an exhaustive vision of the platform for a better analysis and a better follow-up.

An organization

This is an organization that is well used to what it does, able to keep systems operational and evolve them via high performance Service Centers.